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Posted by TGJB on May 12, 1999 at 09:36:23:

In Reply to: Thanks for the last word posted by Steve Plever on May 12, 1999 at 08:40:38:

: Your watering story probably is true -- everyone is guilty of mechanical approaches at times, and everyone makes mistakes. But your story about Ragozin no more proves their figures bad than admitting to a bad clocker at one track indicts all the rest of your figures.
: If you split routes & sprints religiously and mechanically, you'll have bad numbers -- splitting makes for smaller samples, so you have less room for error no? Especially if you insist on taking each day as a unique event instead of keeping an open mind about whether it makes more sense to look at a 3 day grouping. On the other hand, ignoring an obvious and consistent difference between routes and sprints, if/when they occur, makes no sense.

: If you are open-minded and willing to listen to what the data suggests, you can adjust to whatever the reality is. It seems to me from talking to both of you that TG & the Ragozins both do that in your own way, with your own strengths & flaws.

: Although many of your posts are really instructional, your attack on Len R was, to me, just anger -- not analysis. Ragozin's post explained how they handle small samples and questionable variants -- my follow-up asked how YOU handle 'em. Dodging those questions by telling me to post 'em elsewhere doesn't jive with your otherwise frank approach. Your anger at Raggies got the better of you.

: Although the Raggies may have pissed in the past and pissed badly, they are taking the high road now and have for some time. You argue that attacking them is a marketing imperative. Bullshit. If your product is as good as you say, then you really don't need to attack anyone. You're on the Web -- they're not. You advertise much more than they do. You're cheaper. You've got trainer data. You even make picks and if they do well, you could, ahem, post the ROI. If you REALLY want to divorce the TG image from that of the Ragozin product, it wouldn't take much of a therapist to advise you stop calling your product "sheets" and to stop talking about Ragozin constantly.

: So it seems that this is something driven by personal stuff, not a rational business decision. You make lots of sense when you talk about handicapping. The pissing match, on the other hand is an embarressment to the handicapping community. It is just plain fun to compare #s and analysis. Too bad we can't do that without the piss.

My eyes are bulging out of my head and I'm red as a beet, but my lips are sealed. TGJB

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