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Posted by graph boy on June 25, 1999 at 07:25:16:

In Reply to: Re: Race of the Week: Race of the day?--TG Response posted by Alan B on June 24, 1999 at 21:17:19:

: : I believe they do it in conjunction with the DRF,
: : of greater interest to the general public.

: : But perhaps there could be a midweek race of the day or something like that. It would be more con-
: : structive than the on-going pissing matches that
: : seem to erupt here every few days.

: : : : I see that DRF is offering the Mother Goose and Hollywood Gold Cup as the ROTWs; please use the Mother Goose as your ROTW as it certainly would provide for more handicapping insight.

: : : : Thanks.

: : : :

: : : : Since we are giving requests for the race of the week I am going to put one in. I would submit that one can learn more from an allowance race or a claiming race than a widely viewed stakes race with no real value. It seems that every week Thorograph tries to put up a race that will be highly watched (at least I think that is what they are trying to do). I don't find a lot of value in a lot of the ROTW's because they are either a real small field or we keep hearing the same things because they are the same type of races from week to week. I think everyone could learn more from an average (allowance or claiming) race considering that is what dominates the race cards at a lot of the tracks. Personally, I think there is as much money to be made on "average" races or below than stakes races. A maiden race might also be helpful. I am looking at the ROTW as a chance to learn not always a chance to cash a ticket. Does anyone have any thoughts or does everyone like the ROTW to be a stake race every week.

: TG--We do work in conjunction with DRF on this. They offer pps for races of national significance, generally graded stakes. We at Thoro-Graph are trying to appeal to a national market which is why gravitate to these types of races. However that said, we note your suggestion. A question--what about an after the race analysis--red boarding? TGAB

: I guess an after race analysis would be fine but the ones in the red board room are not enough. You also leave yourself open to the "monday morning quarterback" theory and criticism. Sort of like the "Patterns" section on the "other site." If I am understanding you correctly, you would like us to look at the "analysis" part in the red board room. I think the the ROTW comments are more thorough and more useful when there is value in the race. As I said, I am not looking to cash a ticket, I am looking to learn. The ROTW is a fine idea and you do a good job going over the pattern of each horse. I just think it would be helpful if you had the same type of race analysis as in the ROTW for an "everyday" race. If its after the race that's fine, I don't care. I am sure that those who use the ROTW just for a "free play" would be a little upset but who cares about them? The analysis in the red board room is not real helpful as a learning tool. I don't really want to be told who to bet. I like to make my oown decisions. I just want to be more informed about patterns and such to make a more informed decision.
I understand that you are trying to appeal to a national audience and that is certainly up to you, but with all the full-card simulcasting that is out there, almost everyone betting would be able to see the race.
It's just a thought but it's your show. I am just trying to tell you what a consumer might want and I am asking other consumers if they feel the same way. I have been using your product for about 3 years. I am not stupid enough to admit that I know everything about your patterns and stuff. I am always looking to learn more.

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