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Posted by seehorsey on September 02, 1999 at 13:03:08:

In Reply to: Re: Big Rascal - Saranac--TG posted by Jerry B on September 02, 1999 at 09:42:13:

: : : : : Was this horse purchased on your recommendations? Do you
: : : : : see him going through the pair of 6's tommorow even though
: : : : : he has developed quite a bit (6 points) from his 2 yo year.

: : : : Yes, he was bought on our recommendation. Off the pair of efforts (6's) I don't see him breaking through now, or even in the next couple of starts. But 6's will do just fine in 3yo grass stakes, and at the weights an 8 might win this one, At least we hope so. TGJB

: : : Bewhere of outside posts on the outer turf course. I was there this wknd and noticed the one path is very nice since they removed the rails. It allowed 42-1 divide and conquer to place in the 4stardave. Then on sunday, the #2 won the fifth race skimming the hedge, and the longshot #1 was second. Then Monday, Bailey stole one after going 1/2 in 45 and 4. Also last Thursday Seattle Dancer wired 'em at 23-1. Seems like its tough to close on a frontrunner that grabs the hedge. Good luck with the rascal though.

: : I'm puzzled as to why you don't think this horse will break through the "6's" now or within a few races. Please elaborate. Thanks

: TG--He did a lot of developing to get to the 6s. Obviously, we think the pattern is okay, but we expect a lot of 6s, not new tops (short term). At the price Prestonwood paid, that will work out fine.

: Incidentally, does anyone know what happened to that 2yo filly the Ragozin office bought (for 3 times what we paid for Big Rascal)? TGJB

JB, you seem to be aware that the internet does afford you significant opportunities with new audiences. So you must be aware that many people who visit this site have no idea who Ragozin is. I just can't imagine why you would take space on YOUR bulletin board to mention Ragozin at all. I guess you are trying to 'convert' some of Ragozin's 'horsemen' clients. But in the meantime, what about everyone who reads this and goes "hmmmm, who is this Ragozin guy?" It seems like you are shooting yourself in the foot in precisely the area where you could expand the most (newcomers to your site who are not acquainted with the details of the 'war of the figure makers'). Besides, this is really a 'low road' comment and I think it makes you look bad. Detailed side-by-side comparisons are one thing, but this is.... Your product is great, your marketing strategy - eh.

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