Hard to tell who is dumber

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Posted by Hillaryclinton on November 12, 1999 at 11:49:13:

Who is dumbest? First we have the people who are upset because they buy picks for $25 and don't win. As if all you have to do is buy picks and you will make money. Come on everybody, let's all quit our jobs! Then we have all the people who rip into everyone who complains about the picks. As if people who spend $25 on picks have no right to complain. What kind of jobs do you people have? If you do a crappy job, no one complains or calls you a moron? You don't get fired or lose business? People have every right to complain and anyone who runs any kind of business at all is well aware of this fact. If you don't buy TG picks, why do you go out of your way to defend them? It's between TG and the customers who buy the picks! How can you defend a company that takes good money for 'expert' picks and bombs out! Who sticks up for you if you do a crappy job? Then we have Jerry Brown, who is upset that people are posting negative comments. His solution, ban them! Accountability be damned. I read his post and the post from Faulkner and agree with some of the other posters, this is a POSITIVE post from Faulkner. We should all be as lucky as Jerry Brown. Sell losing Breeders Cup picks at $25 a pop, and ban all criticism of his work. I wish I could get a job like that. Who cares if this is only 10% of TG business? How much did you make on Breeders Cup picks Jerry? Are you going to give it back? Hell no, you put it in the bank. Poor thing, you have to answer for your work! So who is dumbest:
1) People who buy TG picks.
2) People who don't buy TG picks who defend TG's right to post lousy picks and censor negative comments.
3) Jerry Brown who takes money for picks and cries about having to respond to people who say his picks suck.

Vote today! I particularly want to hear from people who do lousy jobs and don't have to hear about it, so I can come work with you!


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