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Posted by Moe Howard on November 14, 1999 at 07:20:16:

In Reply to: Wow! posted by TGJB on November 12, 1999 at 16:04:36:

: Well, you guys were right about the entertainment value. Now I know what kind of reaction to expect I'm gonna do it every week.
: In case someone really doesn't get it about the Faulkner post (which I doubt), the quotes he pulled and races he referred to are all from picks that lost. He ignored the ones that won. Someone will have to explain to me how that is positive.
: Free speech laws don't protect those who tell intentionally malicious untruths - that is what libel and slander laws are about. And this forum is especially susceptible because of the anonymity factor. And the First Amendment deals with the relationship of Government and the individual - it has nothing to do with our right (or Ragozin's) to censor stuff on a private site.
: The difference between our PROPOSED policy and Ragozin's is that we would only ban the misrepresentations as I said, we'll take the rest on the merits. Friedman won't even allow difficult questions. A few months ago he posted accusing me of lying here. I posted on his site inviting him to post here and address the "lies". My posting was deleted within minutes. You will note that the mass quantities of negative rhetoric on this site have been left intact.
: So, any Tom Paines out there? Those pompous Francophiles gotta be at least as inviting a target as moi. Make them censor you!
: By the way, on the issue of accountability - everyone knows who I am, and how to reach me. Even though we disagreed plenty, Steve Plever and Jim Dennis were at least stand-up enough to sign their names. TGJB
Jerry the reason Freidman wont respond to you is
very simple you,re SMALL POTATOES!!!
He and Ragozin have probably forgotten more than
you'll ever know about this game.

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