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Posted by Marc on May 02, 2000 at 19:41:41:

In Reply to: Re: Serious Question re: variant--TG II posted by Jerry B on May 02, 2000 at 12:18:37:

: 3. The differences in methodology are at the heart of the matter. This is a commercail site, so I'm trying to show why TG is better. If you have a problem with any of the logic involved, argue it on the merits, right here. If you don't like it, go someplace else. TGJB

Ultimately, I have a problem with two elements of your logic, and I will try to state these problems as straightforwardly as possible here.

1. You *assumed* and *wrote* that Ragozin's people missed the track renovation before and after the Wood. This is unlikely in the first place and untrue, as it turns out, too. This more than reinforces my second point...

2. The notion that anyone should take your criticisms of the Ragozin numbers seriously is beyond me. Think objectively here: Is there a less credible source for *objective* information about *Ragozin's* numbers than the perspective of the head man at Thorograph? Yes, Friedman recently allowed a post at their site critical of Tgraph from the owner of Wired To Fly, the recent stakes winner whose Ragozin-guided purchase you derided last year. But he doesn't criticize the Thorograph numbers/variant-making/methodology at The Sheets Bboard, because *he* seems to realize their is no less credible source for commentary on Thorograph than from their direct competition.

Further, even if he did criticize Tgraph's numbers, it would be worthless commentary to me, a Sheets user (I like the Tgraph product a lot, but I prefer the Sheets numbers; they work better for me)-- He's Tgraph's direct competition, after all.

Somewhat similarly (in a general sense), until a few hours ago here in New York (and in many cities), there was a conflict between Disney-owned ABC and Time Warner Cable, involving a whole lot of money. It's hard to tell who was in the right and who was is in the wrong, but when I turned on my TV to channel 7 and it said: "Disney is stopping you from seeing ABC," I knew not to take this obviously biased message from Time Warner seriously.

Anyone with their eyes wide open would realize as much, in that case, and in this case. So why not show the respect for the intelligence of Tgraph and Sheets users that they certainly deserve, and stop with the biased criticisms/slander obviously fueled by commercialism?

The comparisons of Sheets and Tgraph will have to come from far more objective observers than you, TGJB. Try to accept it. If you are truly interested in *honest* evaluations of the differences in methodology, you'd realize that your advocacy in such evaluations taints the process altogether.

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