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Posted by Alydar in California on December 14, 2000 at 04:31:10:

In Reply to: Re: For TGJB--TG posted by Jerry B on December 13, 2000 at 13:58:29:

: : 1:You have written about the problems Ragozin encounters because he delegates most circuits to people on his staff. Is there a downside to having one person (you) doing the numbers for about ten tracks a day? How much time do you devote to each track? When do you play golf? When do you listen to jazz? I am glad you don't have time to read Ayn Rand. 2: At small tracks, which you delegate, don't you run into the same problems Ragozin does in Maryland and the other circuits he doesn't do personally? Below, you wrote that most of your numbers at these small tracks are within one point of being accurate. Without live ground, and with a different person making the numbers, whom do you think you're kidding? 3: I still love your numbers, but this board has gotten soft since Plever was tossed.

: TG--The first time you mentioned Rand I figured you knew me (or of me) from Ragozin days, and this verifies it. I don't need the time to read her now because I read it when I was much younger. I'm a blues guy, not a jazz guy--confusion is presumably because the NY Times article mentioned that my girlfriend wrote Jazz And Blues Lovers Guide To The U.S.

: 1. I CONCLUDE that different Ragozin figure makers are the reason for the circuit discrepancies. Overwork probably does cost me something, but (demonstrably, to anyone who has compared) not as much.

: 2. We do presumably have at least the potential for the same problems at the smaller tracks. I watch that pretty closely since those horses feed into the bigger tracks I do. Right now Great Lakes Downs is a concern--horses are jumping up after leaving that track.

: We dry ran the computer program for lots of races against live ground, and it came up very close. I think my assessment of outside track accuracy is reasonably realistic.

: 3. I offered Plever a chance to apply for parole, and he declined. I would add that fun for you is not necessarily fun for me--as you have noted, I don't have a lot of free time. TGJB

1: When you worked for Ragozin, I was too young to place a legal bet. You mentioned your fondness for Ayn Rand in a very old post. 2: I screwed up on the jazz. I should have gone with Springsteen. 3: Your defense of your small-track numbers seems intentionally weak. You know that by taking a hit on your small-track numbers, you are making Ragozin take a hit on many of his big-track numbers. Again, you are relentless. 4: For the first time in six years, I wish I were still in school. If I were, I would interview you and Ragozin and write a thesis on my conclusions. This feud cuts across a dozen subjects, from philosophy to psychology. 5: Plever is a solipsistic pain in the ass, but he brought out your best writing. 6: If you want a fight, praise Ayn Rand again.

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