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Posted by Alydar in California on February 08, 2001 at 18:00:09:

In Reply to: Re: rag 'analysis' posted by Seabiscuit on February 08, 2001 at 00:29:47:

: : : : : : : : : Look at the ragozin site and read the 'analysis' posted by Friedman on the Lecomte handicap (FG 9th Sat.) 13 horses entered. No fewer than ten have some 'use' in the exotics, to varying degrees. The result? The first and third finishers got tepid 'use only in exotics', and the second place finisher got a more ringing 'must use'. The response of the person who asked for the analysis? "Nice job, Len." Unreal how he gets away with this BS. How wrong can you be if 10 horses in a 13 horse field are possibilities for the exotics? And the ones that come on are in no way distinguished from the other 'use at a price' or whatevers and he gets a 'nice job' anyway. Who knows, maybe all those guys make exotic tickets with ten horses on them every time they play. I won't waste my time posting over there since I will be overrun with sycophants and have gone that route before. Also he is patting Jake Haddad on the back for the brilliant move of sending a horse to SA to win a stake as opposed to facing a much better field in the Donn. Someone already responded to this 'brain surgeon' level insight. SeaB

: : : : : : : : Yeah, I responded to that post. I try & learn from
: : : : : : : : all you guys, but I must admit that I learn alot more here.

: : : : : : : : The racing in California is nowhere near what it is on the east coast so
: : : : : : : : it really wasn't too hard to figure out.
: : : : : : : : How many horse in that SA race even ran
: : : : : : : : in the BC let alone seriously competed in it.
: : : : : : : : If you desever a pat on the back for running
: : : : : : : : a horse where he has a better chance to win,
: : : : : : : : so be it, but touting the accuracy of
: : : : : : : : the figures as to predicting the
: : : : : : : : outcome is BS. Figures or no figures,
: : : : : : : : anyone who is paying attention would have realized
: : : : : : : : that the SA race had to be a softer spot.

: : : : : : : You should revisit your victory. You will find that it curiously resembles defeat. Do you remember your last visit to Ragozin's board? When you left, your legs had your tail in a vise. Your attempt to ingratiate yourself to this audience by blasting Friedman is, well, BS. I am all for blasting people when they deserve it, but your guerrilla tactics are gutless. Take your victory lap at the site of the race.

: : : : : : kiss my ass

: : : : : Give me a break. How can you call anyone gutless regarding the rag site? You know how much stuff they remove? Please. I don't know if you're referring to me or 'chuck' but it must be him because I have never felt anything like a vise from LF. I'm sure Len knows what he's talking about and I'm not quibbling with their numbers either, but they are hardly interested in helping players. SeaB

: : : : seabiscuit,

: : : : i am certain he is referring to me, it seems
: : : : that alydar fancies himself the rent-a-cop
: : : : for the bulletin board. he has right to his
: : : : opinion, no matter how pompous he comes off.

: : : : peace

: : : If Alydar is all for blasting people who deserve it, I don't know what his problem is. Chuck was on the money on the rag board. The 'uncanny' abilities of Jake that Len extols just don't add up in the example there on whether to run in the Donn or at SA. Almost anyone who can read a racing form could have made the decision on which race to go in. It's an indication of talent to place a horse for an unexpected score, not to pick the softer spot. And while Len will give a useful answer to a general pattern question or even about specific horses, anytime he goes into that 'field review' mode and ends every sentence with 'use in exotics' prefaced with 'must', 'maybe' or something else it is lamer than lame (10 out of 13 horses!) and well worth blasting. Judging by Alydar's posts he doesn't seem like a typical lost sheep or rag suckup so I'm wondering why he feels compelled to defend this kind of thing. SeaB

: : You seem reasonable, so I will soften my rhetoric. I was not expressing an opinion on Haddad's advice or Friedman's analysis. I was strictly commenting on Chuck's debating style. Friedman doesn't seem to like me, but I have liked him ever since I read about the work he did in opposing the Vietnam War. I don't mind if he's criticized intelligently and fairly, as bj, for example, criticizes him from time to time. I do mind when a simpleton calls him an incompetent, "pompous ass" and then heads for the hills.

: I wouldn't call Friedman incompetent. I don't know if I would call him a pompous ass either. Consider a few facts. If you say something he doesn't like, he 'chops' you. He posts on their board about Jake's 'uncanny' abilities to spot a horse, which amounts to what anyone who can read a Form would tell you, you have a better chance at SA as opposed to butting heads with those monsters in Fla. The analysis of the races is presented in such a way as to be entirely self-serving, after all, how wrong could you be writing 'analysis' this way? Finally, when Hardoon does well in Cal. they take the credit and post something. Otherwise by looking at their site you would have no way of knowing what or how he was doing. At least over here they take the heat if they suck. I don't know if I would call Friedman a 'pompous ass', but you tell me what all this adds up to? SeaB

I'm not at my best tonight, but you seem thoughtful and deserve a reply. Please pardon any errors: Rags has a bigger share of the market than TG, so Friedman prefers tranquility and JB prefers strife. Friedman chops posts with regularity. JB chops posts very rarely (in one case, JB--or someone else at TG--chopped one just as I was ready to reply to it;the post was a blatant attempt to lure his customers away: I would have chopped it if I were he). Friedman's analyses are vague and free. TG's are specific and cost 25 dollars. The FG analysis was done in response to a request; you were wrong to criticize him for his vagueness here. The race was chosen for him. There are cases in the past where he has been too vague, as HP pointed out several months ago (with a lighter touch than you have been using). You are also wrong about the person who thanked him after the FG race.

The SA/GP situation is not as clear as you make it seem. HP, who is an excellent handicapper, thought the GP race might well be won with a "2". Freedom Crest went into the SA race off a "1".

Hardoon is seldom mentioned over there. Friedman dislikes the idea of selling an analysis. I am sure he is mentioned more when he wins. As JB wrote, "It's called marketing and it works".

If you don't like Friedman, hit him on his board. Don't be afraid of a few sycophants. If your post comes down, put it on this board. It might give us another opportunity to schmooze.

Friedman is an excellent debater who shuns debates: a rare species, this. It's rather like a great fighter who doesn't want to fight. Something about it appeals to me.

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