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Posted by bj on April 02, 2001 at 10:15:01:

In Reply to: Nit picking posted by Howard Dennis on April 02, 2001 at 08:21:04:

: One of the great things about the internet is that the intellectually challenged secretaries can always knock the form instead of the content.
: Now you want to talk about ruthless marketing practices. just look at Thorograph. They repeatedly illegally marketed their product at AP(all they had to do was put them on the stand and pay the track a taste. The rumor was then that they couldn't afford to pay AP and still sell legally.
: BTW at least 3 of the first 5 finishers at the Suncoast were sheet players. Interesting that no thorograph users played in the tournament.
: I had a bad day the first day but finished 70th. I was looking forward to doing better after winning the early bird contest 2 tournaments ago and finishing 19th in the last tournament. Sheets had plenty of plays.
: No way to answer this controversy about better numbers but one thing is for sure if you are a poor handicapper Thorgraph is for you. Just look to the left of the main (flat column of numbers) and any number there might be a contender. This should help the handicapped challenged and the financially challenged( can't afford the extra $5 for good numbers).I do have to apologize for one thing. I think I would use colts neck then thorograph if anything happened to "the sheets".
: Why HP would think that I or anyone would have any reason to kiss Len Friedmans ass is a real lesson in psycho babble and needs to be analyzed for the underlying meaning in the authors mind.
: Sometime you thorograph "buyers" and yes that is an oxymoron should maybe ask yourselfs about the business practice of giving away the numbers the next day. Not to mention all the free sets that are given away in a jealous fit to try and create a market. No matter where you stand on the numbers, real efforts quantified or flat Brown numbers, at least Ragozin protects their customers and their investment. BTW I do not know the sales figures but Ragozin outsells thorograh by my eyeball judgement a hell of a lot more than 3-1. HD

*** If you are Ragozin's best spokesman - he has some problems . The inneundo in your first paragraph so clearly illustrates JB's allegations
about unfair trade practices , it is hard to believe anybody we be that "palpably stupid" to put that up here . Sorry Alydar , i couldn't resist .
It obviously was a good tournament for Len , good for him - but it has nothing to do with the way Ragozin operates his business .
I first discovered Thorograph some years back
when JB did a feature in the Racing Form called "Figuring the Feature" . I was amazed to see how many "price" horses he would put up that came in . Bad numbers won't do that , nor would that lead to the recommendation or purchase of Victory Gallop . I know you guys are still hoping the owners can "get out" on Wired to Fly .
I've got news for you deep thinker - i would not continue to buy TG if i wasn't making money .

I guess you're just feeling your oats after your stellar 70th place finish in the tourney .
I'd rather be using JB's so called flat numbers as opposed to being stuck with your obviously flat head .bj

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