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Posted by Howard Dennis on April 04, 2001 at 10:11:31:

In Reply to: Re: before it's deleted--TGJB posted by TGJB on April 04, 2001 at 09:09:28:

: : Here's the "official" response to the defamation accusations from the other board

: : Q:...but it does beg the question of why you are so afraid to address
: : the lawyer's letter to the Sheets. If you weren't doing these things why don't you say that?

: : A:I find it hard to believe that there is anybody out there that honestly thinks that a response would produce anything else but an excuse for more
: : rantings and ravings. When a 2yo throws a fit, the best course of action usually is to ignore it and hope (in my opinion unlikely in this case)
: : that maturation will eventually produce an improvement in behavior. End of string and this discussion in any form.

: TG--I thought you were kidding until I went and looked. He really has to go this way, though--he knows we have tapes of his people, so he has to duck and deflect. He also knows most of his customers have not seen the letter. The real question, again, is how those of his customers who have can let him get away with it. Not Howard Dennis or "Cory"--they are the problem itself. But Plever? Jim Dennis? Anybody else? TGJB

I have my own opinions about the thorograph product. My opinions are my alone and in no way reflect those of The Ragozin Organization. Jerry by your own admission ragozin outsells you 4-1. I believe it to be bigger than that but who cares. Just because 4 out of every 5 speed figure users buy the Ragozin product over your "superior product". Doesn't that just eat you a new asshole Jerry. Its been fun over here on the Jerry Springer message board. I have never seen so many unidentified posters. I fully think that you beard all this posts Jerry. I guess this is goodbye and I will let you guys get back to handicapping issues:) Yours Truly and Good luck to All , Howard Dennis

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