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Posted by Mystic on April 08, 2001 at 23:50:08:

In Reply to: Re: before it's deleted--TGJB posted by TGJB on April 07, 2001 at 05:07:04:

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: : : : : : : : : TG--I thought you were kidding until I went and looked. He really has to go this way, though--he knows we have tapes of his people, so he has to duck and deflect. He also knows most of his customers have not seen the letter. The real question, again, is how those of his customers who have can let him get away with it. Not Howard Dennis or "Cory"--they are the problem itself. But Plever? Jim Dennis? Anybody else? TGJB

: : : : : : : : Your complaints about Ragozin's business practices really don't concern me one way or the other. Anyone who is familiar with how they do business would hardly expect a response. And frankly, why should they? I've seen no evidence, only charges. I happen to think both products are superior to anything else available and have used both products with success. There are things about each product I prefer and things about each I dislike. What really bothers me, however, is this constant sniping, which frankly usually starts on your side of the fence. now I understand that your company is the little guy and there is great upside to causing controversy for you. But there is rarely any handicapping talk on this board. About a month ago I requested that you post a couple of races that led to big payoffs for me-- using YOUR product. Instead, you refused to post them and then your next post was some diatribe against the Rag bunch. Your product is excellent but your board and many of the frequent posters here are just as libelous as your claim the Ragozin people are. Focus on handicapping and the strength of your product will lead to more customers. I find it hard to believe that a few ragozin employees "badmouthing" the competition would really have much of an impact on sales. In fact, I'd argue that people who are first interested in using the product, if they came here first, would probably be more turned off by the sniping. Just my opinion and I'm not excusing the Ragozin group but in General, they do seem to carry themselves with more dignity than this one.

: : : : : : : Anything the rag guys say about the superiority of their products is fine. Ripping down signs and telling people your competitor is going out of business and not paying its bills amount to more than 'badmouthing'. There's a lot more going on that what you see on these boards. I should say 'this board' because I'm sure the people at Ragozin fancy themselves above the fray and it's clear you have chosen to allow them to remain there. If they strike you as 'dignified' you need a dictionary. MR

: : : : : : Thanks for proving my point. Never thought it would happen so quickly. Funny how you didn't even address one of my main points-- The lack of handicapping on this sight.

: : : : : There is plenty of discussion of handicapping on this site and board. What is stopping you from discussing handicapping here? Go ahead! There's a thread right here about Derby numbers. Did you post there? No. Do you have anything to add on any handicapping issue whatsoever? No. If you don't see handicapping discussion here it's either because you can't see or you can't read or possibly both. You have to stick your two cents in THIS THREAD and you preface your comments with '(your) complaints about Ragozin's business practices don't concern me one way or another'. 'Not caring' about this did not prevent you from posting your longwinded diatribe which ALSO had nothing to do with handicapping, and then you claim your point is made, that no one (apparently including YOU) discusses handicapping. Good luck to you. Mystic

: : : : Once again, thanks for proviong my point. If you had the ability to read, you would have seen that I have in fact posted to the board before with regard to handicapping. Read my original post. Your anger at Ragozin and me-- by extension I guess-- is pretty pathetic. My point is that people like you only post about this nonsense. Jerry and TG have a right and-- some would argue a responsibility-- to defend themselves AND to try to play up the superiority of their product. You and your like, however, just make these types of posts in an attempt to make yourself seem... important?-- not working, intelligent?-- clearly defeats that purpose, a winning player?-- LOLOLOLOL. I am a user of both products. My personal belief is that Ragozin's product is a little bit better. My opinion only. But I have had great success with both products and feel no need to badmouth one. My thought is that people like you have had NO success with either and that is why YOU focus on the RAG VS TG crap instead of talking handicapping. In no way do I intend to paint all of the posters on this board with a broad brush. Some are obviously serious handicappers and usually stay above the fray. Mystic Ruler, you ain't one of them.

: : : Your original post ON THIS THREAD was about your opinion of the TG v. Rag thing, and only as a tangent halfway through your crap did you say anything at all about handicapping, and even then it was to pat yourself on the back about your big scores. People with low self-esteem usually need to call attention to their triumphs. As a former TG employee, I have first hand knowledge of some of this stuff. It most certainly is NOT nonsense, although you dismiss it as such. It is also very much my business and affected me directly. You obviously have no such first hand information or knowledge of ANYTHING regarding this situation, but of course, that does not prevent you from having some opinions on the subject. Idiots don't need to know anything to express an opinion, and the shoe seems to fit you well. You are certainly entitled to your speculation on my handicapping abilities. Of course, having no knowledge on this subject would hardly prevent you from having an opinion. Again, if you want to talk about handicapping go ahead. And if you want to continue talking about things you know nothing about, continue. M

: : Your lack of class and need to resort to name calling says it all about you. Your indignation about these allegations is really quite laughable. If there was anything to the charges-- i.e. if any laws were broken, etc.-- I'm sure Jerry wouldn't have sent a letter, he'd have dragged them into court. The fact he didn't says all I need to know about the "charges". I'm bored with you and this thread so you can continue to post all you want. I'm done. You, I'm sure are not..

: TG--I really don't want to get caught up in this, but on 2 factual points--1. I explained in at least 2 different posts (one yesterday, to Plever) why we are not taking Ragozin to court, and we do have hard evidence of their misdeeds. 2. Your adversary is an excellent handicapper who gave lots of seminars for us. TGJB

I probably went too far with this, but this guy is too much. After he rips my handicapping he's talking about 'name calling'. This is after he complains about not seeing anything about 'handicapping' here while posting the original nonsense. Best to end it. See you around (early)! Mystic

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