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Posted by Andrew on April 27, 2001 at 20:13:14:

In Reply to: Re: Kentucky--TG posted by TGJB on April 27, 2001 at 17:02:04:

: : : : I have read with interest your various claims to being the best handicapping service. That may be true but if your numbers are so good why are you having the worst Keeneland meeting I have ever seen? Now maybe there is some newspaper handicapper who has been worse than you at Keeneland but they don't charge $25 per day for their garbage.
: : : : I just don't understand how your speed figures can be good when your handicapping opinion (at l;east at Keeneland) has been so bad.

: : : I think Jerry is capable of defending himelf when
: : : post like this one arise but I do have to say something
: : : about Kentucky racing.

: : : It is painfully obvious to me that the bizarre
: : : jump ups in Kentucky are too frequent to be a
: : : coincidence. If you care to do some research, you
: : : will find that a very high percentage of horses
: : : run their best races when in KY, but don't approach
: : : these performances everywhere else. I am
: : : not saying this is absolute, but what I am saying
: : : is that I see a trend and have seen this for several years.

: : : In fact, I rarely wager on races in KY except for the Derby of course.
: : : My opinion is that with KY being the state
: : : where the highest level of
: : : lasix is allowed to be administered, it allows
: : : other drugs to be given which are masked by the
: : : high dosage of lasix. Factor in race day clenbuterpl
: : : which is not made available to the public and you have a recipe for
: : : exactly what you are seeing with KEE.

: : : Nunzio

: : I have nothing against Jerry Brown personally. I am just pointing out what has been my experience during this extremely painful period. And incidentally Nunz your thesis is quite thought provoking.

: TG--Whatever the reason, there is no doubt I have been stinking up the place at Keeneland. Again, we recommend to all that they learn to use the data rather than rely on us, but I think it would have been tough to win at this meet regardless. TGJB

Jerry am I to assume from your post that you consider everyone who purchases the analysis product to not understand how to use the data?? I was making figures for 7 years for my home track , Woodbine, before TG figures became available for that track last year. I am the first to admit that your figures are superior which is why on the weekends I purchase them for with the exchange around $40 canadian. The patterns and value factors that "sheets players" base there decisions are in no way a mystery to me and it is a hobby I really enjoy. I have a recorded profit each one of the last 4 years after all plays and last years TG costs. However do you not realize that for the major meets like Keenland , Gulfstream and Saratoga you may have clients who may have extremely demanding jobs and personal lives and do not have the time to handicap the cards ( it takes me about 4 hours to do a card and prepare my own analysis for Woodbine)that they purchase the analysis as a way to play the large meets without having to invest time that does not exist to handicap the cards. In this age of phone accounts I enjoy making my plays and watching the races when I can on my computer. In no way is this sour grapes. Yes I have purchased the analysis for everyday of the keenland meet and yes like many others I took a kicking but I will also say that I made a small fortune last year at Saratoga with the Analysis and broke about even despite some of the absurd results this winter at G.P. My premise in playing the plays off the analysis is to play only the B+ and higher plays and situations where huge value exists vs the minimum odds suggestions. I am an extremely disciplined player and feel like by using the analysis (Jerry Brown's) key plays I have an edge be it a small one vs the takeout, well I guess what you are saying is I do not, so here it is I will continue to purchase the woodbine sheets but will no longer purchase the analysis. Now lets figure this out that means no purchases for the Derby special, Preakness special, Belmont special the entire Saratoga meet, all of which I was planning to purchase. Have I learned how to use this data well enough Jerry ?. No response is needed

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