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Posted by dataman on May 24, 2001 at 15:57:56:

OK Chuckie - here's your chance to get me off your back and my chance to shut you up. (I believe I'll be helping more people than I'm hurting by at least 5-1.) The Belmont Stakes Day (Belmont) card, we both post picks here given, say, a bankroll of $100 (or whatever you like.) You end the day with more than me and I make NO posts until the BC Cup. I end the day with more, and you post no more till BC day. We will be on the honor system to NOT use an alias! While I understand that 1 days' handicapping is not very telling (I can already hear the lol excuses coming to avoid taking me up on this) one days' handicapping IS EXACTLY how we go to the track and win or lose on a particular day. And this bet is not too big for you, is it?

So that's the offer, and we can negotiate the rules as far as types of bets allowed, limits per race, etc. , and people can all throw in their 2 cents. (If I win, maybe they'll each throw me 2 cents as thanks.) There is only one "rule" that must be in place for this to work that day - bets must be posted by 8AM., (you can pick the exact time.) I'll be out at the track and leaving very early to get there. (Yes, I know that may hurt you, but it hurts me MUCH more as I ALMOST NEVER have an exacta lock before post positions are selected - I LIKE to wait to see the odds, the track, and the horses before I bet!) I say almost because if you do take me up on this, then I will have one exacta box lock June 9 - Dataman and CTC. Though my guess is, this is too steep a wager for you.

OK CTC, the ball is in your court. What will the second C stand for - Chicken or Clown?

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