Race of the Week:  The Haskell Stakes Monmouth Park, Race 12, Saturday 17 July 2020 

Please read the FAQ about technical and billing issues before emailing us.
Most questions are answered there.
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Otherwise, our email is help@thorograph.com

General Questions
Use this link if you need more information about Thoro-Graph and our products. If you are a customer, please include your real name and login name
Please read the FAQ for answers to common questions, especially billing questions, before contacting us.

Download Problems
If you are having any type of download problem, use this link. PLEASE, include all pertinent information; EXACT error messages, your browser and OS versions, etc. Writing "I can't download tomorrow's Belmont" won't help anybody.

If you get a blank screen, it's usually for one of two probable reasons AND the fact you are trying to open the file directly from our website. One problem is caused by known bugs in older versions of Acrobat and Internet Explorer. Upgrading either or both will help. The other reason is that your Internet Cache is probably full and there's another known bug in the lastest version of IE and Windows causing the problem. It never hurts to clear your cache by going to your browser and clicking on Tools-->Internet Options-->Delete Files (under Temporary Internet Files). In either case, the best, immediate solution is to first SAVE the file to your hard disk then open it in Acrobat. Internet Explorer and the later Netscape versions offer you the option of opening or "launching" the file as soon as it's saved.

Note: If you get message "Can't Decrypt Document" You MUST download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat from here.

Note for Netscape Users: When downloading, Netscape tries to add the extension .php to the name of the file (eg aqu2099s.pdf.php). When asked to save the file, just remove the
.php from the file name. We are working on this issue.

Note for MSN users: The newer versions of MSN Explorer do not allow you to download purchased products. Instead, you need to use Internet Explorer.

If you need immediate help, you should consider calling us at 800-331-3778.

Credit Card problems?
If you receive an error message while trying to purchase relating to your credit card., please make sure the credit card on file is current. You can edit your account from our Order Online page. Any error messages you see are coming from the bank. We just relay the information we receive from them.

Horse Management Questions
If you are interested in learning more about Graph Racing or our management services, contact us. DO NOT email if all you want is a 'last number' on your horse UNLESS you have arranged a fee structure with Jerry Brown.
We DO NOT give out this information for free.

Lost Password?
BEFORE you email us, you can retrieve your password by clicking on the following:
Password Retrieval Form

Can't view the Order Online page properly?
The page is optimized for the latest version of Internet Explorer. There are some known display bugs in the latest version of Netscape or Mozilla, but it does not effect functionality. Also, you MUST login before you can select any products.

If you are still having problems, please use the alternate system by clicking here.

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