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Re: Backyard Brawl (1028 Views)
Posted by: Fairmount1 (IP Logged)
Date: August 05, 2019 03:00PM

Number of Bud Light's consumed from Thurs through Sat night: 50 to 60. Frank guessed 50 on Sunday when I saw him and I had it slightly higher but just wanted to give a number for those that had an OVER/UNDER bet on this year's attempt at 100. Stick with 50 for any banking on a definite number but I think higher. (Realized on the flight home someone from the board bought a Fireball shot for 3 of us at Horseshoe....)

Number of dollars spent on UBER: At least 150

Bars attended: 4. City Tavern, Horseshoe, Gaffney's, Dango's.

Most meaningful gambling news of the weekend: NYRA doesn't allow the bots the same access to the late pick 5 that they have in the other pools. HINT: Put your money here where there is already a low takeout. (Compare yesterday's pick 5 to pick 4 and you will see what I'm saying on takeout and bots front. Maybe Mathcapper can see if there is a significant difference here or if they played/paid out as expected??)

Food in the TG backyard: Hattie's Chicken, Woodfire Pizza, Uncle Bill's famous bacon grease sandwich and hot dogs (I avoided these two on doctor's advice), peaches, ice cream, chips and salsa, crackers and cheese, cinnamon rolls, and on and on and on.

Perfect weather, great camaraderie, terrific handicapping discussions nearly every day and race. No where I would rather be!! (This should be NYRA's Tag line for advertising the Spa).

Special thanks to Uncle Bill and Jerry for making this happen as well as FrankD's numerous contributions on several fronts. Nice to meet jimbo and see all the familiar faces as well. Honestly too many to name all of you here. As I told Jerry, I look forward to it every year more than anyone knows.

Too many stories and too many laughs to share here other than to say if you haven't been by to hang out for a race or two, you are really, really missing out. For those that didn't make it b/c of other commitments, you did miss a fantastic time. But a huge thanks to you for keeping me short of asking any of the beautiful women I met upstate for their hand in marriage.

Would Love to make it one more time this meet. Seems unlikely. But we will see in a few days if I change my mind and set something up once I am fully recovered from this weekend's adventures.

GET THERE. Once there, if the weather is nice, there's nowhere You would rather be.

Amount of fun to be had in the backyard with these guys: LIMITLESS. Nothing lasts forever so soak up the TG backyard fun and enjoy it while you can guys. Five years in a row up there and four spending it with these guys and I'll be going as long as they'll have me.

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