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Re: NYRA Incompetence (278 Views)
Posted by: Fairmount1 (IP Logged)
Date: May 31, 2024 09:29PM

Cash is a legitimate way to purchase things although businesses are free to choose what form of payment they will accept.

But what is the point of not accepting cash? What is the reason of shifting towards a cashless society? I'm not being difficult or a conspiracy theorist here. I genuinely do not understand why cash is not a form of payment places want to accept. Especially when there are fees associated with processing the debit or credit payments they accept.

I don't use a CC for everything. I don't care about points or making a monthly payment from one account to another account to pay off a CC. I use debit often obviously. But I use cash as a way to differentiate my gambling/entertainment budget from other expenses.

I will say young folks definitely aren't interested in cash and coins because many of them can't even count out correct change if their life depended on it. True, this may be past meeting present (as stated by another poster) but I was taught you want to earn as much as you can running a business. And refusing cash at a racetrack seems to limit how much can be earned.

So, to answer your question (for anyone to answer) with a question as I asked above: Why wouldn't you accept cash?

If there is some legitimate reason like safety (not an issue at Saratoga inside the gates), saves labor (using a card takes as long as as cash as a debit transaction reuires entering pin, pressing no cash back since that won't be a choice, and hitting the green button and waiting on technology), or employees are stealing the cash for themselves (I doubt this is a problem there as register has to match transactions at most places), then I'm all ears. But when the computers that run the CC and debit cards fail. . . and at NYRA (and elsewhere as I've seen this happen) that's a real possibility I'd say, then what????

Sorry, Cash doesn't work either.

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