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Re: I'm gone (488 Views)
Posted by: Fairmount1 (IP Logged)
Date: October 03, 2021 09:20PM


I've actually given your two posts in this string quite a bit of thought if you are still reading. I share just a few thoughts for a perspective from the other side of the fence.

Your two biggest points as I gather related to the game no longer being fair because of unpredictable form reversals and the advent of cell phones. In response, I would say that form reversals were where I found the most lucrative angles in the early days of my playing but many of those angles are now completely exploited and exposed and overplayed in the pools now. I don't personally see cell phones as the game changer you do for explaining things happening that make the game one not worth following.

I have only 22 +/- years of following the game to rely upon as opposed to your 40 plus. Bigger picture for me, I have never threatened to quit the game. I certainly play much more "leisurely" in many ways which still means I play with more study and aforethought than even the remaining knuckleheads (including me) dumb enough to be playing. Is the game beatable? Well, not in the same way it maybe once was. What I see is if the gambling brings you pleasure while you put yourself in reasonable positions to profit while making intelligent bets, then it is worth the time and effort. If you don't have time and just want to gamble on something, sports betting is probably more bang for your buck in some ways. I don't know for certain as I don't bet sports save $60 of lost Promo money on a Davonta Smith parlay last week of the $100 Fan Duel gave me at Fairmount for signing up for their app in April.

Handicapping has been turned on its head by designer drugs that don't test positive unless it is for "dex" or similar type drugs. See Jason Servis and Jorge Navarro. The game has become beyond top heavy in many ways with the top 5 trainers ruling the day in graded stakes and any other level they desire to run their horses. The gamblers are largely ignored by the tracks in favor of their rebate customers of whom at least one of the tracks are partnered with and the CAW ways. Jocks now getting "stung" for devices from HD cameras catching every moment. Jock penalized 10 years for something a trainer told him to do. Yet a trainer at Gulfstream only gets 10 to 45 days for OOC testing showing the presence of Clen. One trainer pointed the finger at Clemente who has never had a positive LOL. Other trainers test positive in graded stakes and embarrass the game at the Triple Crown level multiple years and no one cares in California where they still cheer him on as the greatest of all time. Anyone with half a brain could figure out the score years and years ago. So yes, the game is an absolute disgrace on many fronts and beyond repair. I could list 15 more items besides these vague complaints I listed that make the game maddening and frustrating.

However, for me, there are still bright spots. A day at the track is enjoyable and a place to solve puzzles, enjoy the weather, the sights, the sounds, and the horses. Saratoga backyard, Kentucky Downs, Keeneland, Oaklawn Park, Derby weekend, Etc. I don't mention BC as to not offend RC :) And if you make narrow wagers with reasonable chances of success that do not break the bank, you can make some decent scores.

I certainly see the game far, far different than many years ago. But I still enjoy it when I have the time and energy to truly handicap esp when I get to spend it with friends at live racing. So while I understand why an intelligent person would step away completely, I'll still be around hunting and pecking through all the information I can to find an angle to make a score. And if I do, I'll probably buy the next round as the older generation taught me when I first started going to Fairmount on Saturday afternoons.

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